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LIVING COLOUR - Stain -180 gram audiophile vinyl

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Releasedate: 21-06-2024
Original Release Year: 1993
Units: 1 LP
Sleeve: 3mm
Grams: 180g
Genre: Hard Rock
Barcode (EAN): 8719262036048
Catalogue number: MOVLP1346

Side A

  1. Go Away

  2. Ignorance Is Bliss

  3. Leave It Alone

  4. Bi

  5. Mind Your Own Business

  6. Ausländer
    Side B

  7. Never Satisfied

  8. Nothingness

  9. Postman

  10. Wtff

  11. This Little Pig

  12. Hemp

  13. Wall

Stain is the third album by Living Colour, released in 1993 after previous albums Vivid and Time's Up. It is the first album to feature bassist Doug Wimbish (whose credits included work with Jeff Beck, Madonna, Mick Jagger, etc). Stain features a much heavier and aggressive Living Colour, containing elements of thrash metal and industrial music. It reached #26 on the Billboard 200. The band split up in January 1995, following a tour with Bad Brains.

Produced by Ron "Bad Brains" St. Germain, Living Colour's Stain showed the band's darker side even more, as samples were now added to the sonic mix. The tracks were more focused and streamlined when compared to the all-encompassing compositions on 1990's Time's Up but were just as hard-hitting and thought provoking.

Stain is available on black vinyl and includes an insert.